How to License Windows Servers



Peasoup operates a multitenant cloud service and are responsible for reporting monthly to Microsoft, the usage of Server installations within the platform.


Peasoup utilises Microsoft’s Key Management Service for Licensing instances of Windows Server VM’s.

To register a newly installed Windows server within your infrastructure, follow the steps below:


Launch administrative command prompt

Click START and type CMD, right click and select Run as Administrator


Specify KMs Host

Peasoup provides a KMS server for registering your Windows instance, 

NOTE - you may need to modify your firewall settings to all outbound TCP 1688 

From your command prompt run the following:

slmgr /skms

you will receive the following prompt


Activate Windows

Assuming you have access outbound to this server you can activate your windows instance using the following command:

slmgr /ato



If you are receive a message indicating you cannot activate the product, please check you can connect from your server to the server on TCP 1688, this can be achieved using the following powershell command:

Test-NetConnection -ComputerName -Port 1688

A successful output should look as follows:


Please check your firewall and ensure you have allowed TCP 1688 outbound, and if required specify the IP that resolves

Further issues please contact

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